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Dupe Eliminator for iTunes

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes


MarkelSoft Dupe Eliminator for iTunes - if you're like most iTunes users, you probably have dozens (if not hundreds) of duplicate songs cluttering your playlists, taking up valuable space on your hard drive, and generally causing you grief. New features include 'Run Dupe Eliminator for iTunes Windows' system (right-click on desktop) menu and enhanced user interface. 

Dupe Eliminator is an intuitive tool for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP that removes all those duplicate files quickly and easily, including songs, movies, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks. It also provides a tab for a quick Library Report.

With Dupe Eliminator, you'll never again have to manually slog through thousands of files looking for the tracks that play over and over again, or that maddening dead link to your favorite song that never works. 

Dupe Eliminator makes it simple to distinguish between a duplicate file and the original.

Anyone who has amassed an extensive music collection knows how difficult it is to organize all those files by hand. Who has the patience to painstakingly go through their iTunes library and remove one by one every duplicate and dead file?


Key Features of Dupe Eliminator


  •  Smart Search: Smart searching allows you to precisely specify criteria for duplicates so that you never end up deleting something you wanted to save.
  •  AutoClean Mode: Automatically clean your iTunes library without lifting so much as a finger.
  •  Scheduled Search: Define a schedule for Dupe Eliminator to check your iTunes library when your at work, sleeping... whenever you want.
  •  Audiobook Support: Eliminate your audiobook dupes.
  •  Dead Tracks Eliminator: Get rid of those pesky tracks that never seem to play, as well as the "phantom" tracks that show up in your library but don't actually exist on your hard drive. 
  •  Determine what you want to keep: Like having more than one track of a certain song? You can keep whatever you like, and you can specify which file stays as the original and which one is marked as the duplicate. 
  •  UnDelete: If you make a mistake, then use UnDelete to restore the removed track(s) back to iTunes.



Who Needs Dupe Eliminator for iTunes?

You do if you've ever:

  •  Been frustrated by dead or duplicate tracks in your iTunes library. Dead tracks or dead links are music library entries whose file no longer exists.
  •  Wanted a quick and efficient way to organize your music files.
  •  Needed an option to organize your songs, videos, audiobooks, or podcasts.

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