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Barry Mitchell |

Downloaded Stefans script and had a little trouble with it.. i didnt know i had to download a different version for my shop - any ways I got i touch with Stefan by email and he helped me right away via MSN messenger.. Great work and very quickly fixed (like within 20 minutes) i had all of my products imported and everything worked perfectly.. Great guy and great help thanks very much barry mitchell
Marlien |

I can't beilvee I've been going for years without knowing that.
HostMeIn |

Steph worked and helped like no other.. Paid attention at my really bad situation and migrated successfully 2000 products, 500 clients etc from an old hacked and full of viruses oscommerce to a new cs cart !!! He found a way to solve encodng problems and much more!!!! I am really happy i met Steph, and i know that with such partners our work goes forward and we are able to leave broblems behind. Ofcource ill need you again! Thank you so much!
Joel |

Very HelpFull , FAST and Accurate
Tuomas Soinne |

Excellent script for a really reasonable price! Above that is only the greatness of support we got with this piece of software! Six stars out of five possible. :) +++

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