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Imperial is a theme with no specific focus. It’s not sure if it wants to be a personal blog, or house an online magazine. It’s not even sure if it’s black or white, for that matter!

Main Features
  • WordPress menu for the main navigation.
  • Standard featured images (post thumbnails), with fall-back custom field method for images.
  • Support for custom backgrounds.
  • Custom built reviews module allows you to easily add any type of review (product, service, etc.) to a post.
  • 2 full colour schemes – dark and light.
  • User specified “accent” colour can be chosen from a colour picker in WP-Admin for easy customization.
  • Custom built theme settings panel within WP-Admin that allows you to customize the theme without editing any templates.
  • Flexible logo space allows images up to 900px wide and any height. Image path and dimensions are entered in WP-Admin.
  • Easily link to social networks you take part in, with support for 28 of the most popular sites.
  • Both sidebars are widgetized.
  • Custom widgets for the 3 main ad spots (4 125×125 buttons, 300×250 bigbox, 160×600 skyscraper). 728×90 leaderboard and 468×60 banner also supported.
  • Super lean markup and CSS , makes advanced customization a pleasure.
  • Tested on Windows and Mac. Looks great in all modern browsers. Some details are toned down for older versions of IE, but nothing is broken.
  • Support for Twitter Tools, FlickrRSS, WP-PageNavi, and Subscribe to Comments plugins out of the box.
  • Original PSD included!
Version 1.6 – Released: 02/22/11
  • NEW Ability to turn any post into a review. From books to movies, music to video games. The criteria is set on a per-post basis, so there is absolutely no limitation on what you can review. Also included is a reviews widget to show your most recent reviews, and a reviews archive template.
  • NEW Custom backgrounds using the standard WP functionality.
  • NEW Featured posts slider now rotates on its own and is powered by SlidesJS.
  • NEW Edit meta description and keywords from Theme Settings.
  • NEW Styled embedded image galleries and added lightbox functionality (ColorBox) for links to full-size images.
  • Fixed a bug that limited the nav dropdowns to 2 levels – now goes (back up to) 4.
  • Updated bundled scripts (jQuery, TimThumb, etc.) to the latest versions.
Version 1.5 – Released: 08/13/10
  • Better implementation of Menus.
  • Added a save button between each section in Theme Settings.
Version 1.3 – Released: 05/19/10
  • NEW Support for sub-pages (4 levels deep!) in the main navigation using a simple CSS solution. Doesn’t work in IE6 (intentional).
  • NEW WP 3.0 Menus support for main navigation.
  • NEW WP 2.9+ Post Thumbnails – old method still in tact for backwards compatibility.
  • NEW CSS3 text-shadow applied to text used in the nav, headings, and buttons in order to add depth.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented code from being properly escaped in the head include.
  • Fixed 125×125 buttons widget to allow use of non-image ads, such as AdSense.
  • Fixed the layout of the 404 template.
  • Fixed missing placeholder images.
  • Fixed IE specific stylesheets to exclude IE8 . This corrects a couple minor display bugs in IE8 .
  • Updated bundled TimThumb to version 1.14.
  • Bundled help documentation with the theme itself, so it can be accessed from WP-Admin.
Support & Feature Requests

First – read the help documentation that came bundled with the theme. It is also available on the theme’s live preview site.

Please send me a direct message via ThemeForest if you’re having trouble with your theme, and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient, as I work freelance full time and do not have dedicated time for theme support. I will not answer support requests left as comments here.

Also, it would be a good idea to a read through my Terms of Support document, which outlines the extent of support I offer, and information regarding updates, warranty, and compatibility.

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